Composite of three boudoir examples

Frequently Asked Questions

For many people, the photo shoot can be both exciting and daunting. In order for the shoot to be successful a lot of planning and preparation must take place. The time spent in the studio with the camera and lights represents only a fraction of the time needed to produce a successful shoot. With adequate up front communication and preparation, the shoot will run smoothly and your expectations will be met. Above all it’s supposed to be fun.

What should I shoot?

After deciding that you want to take part in a photo shoot you must decide on the theme and style of the shoot.
The theme is the basic idea for the shoot. It might be a seasonal theme like a holiday. It might be a set like a fancy sofa. It might emphasize a prop like a hat. I keep a list of themes here.
The style dictates the overall feel of the end result. It might be nude, art, glamour, fashion, boudoir etc. A theme can be executed in many different styles depending on your needs and desires. The theme and style together dictate the need for makeup, outfits, props etc. It is an opportunity to play dress up or dress down.

What should I bring?

Outfits, props, hair and makeup supplies, jewelry. Do not bring anything that is alive, dangerous, messy or offensive. Always bring a few more outfits than you think you’ll need. If something doesn’t work it’s good to have alternatives. If you are doing nudes, bring a robe to cover up between sets. If you opt for a wet theme be certain to bring a dry set of clothes for the ride home. All of this should be discussed during the planning phone call. Most important of all is to bring a good attitude. It will show in the final pictures.

What should I wear to the shoot?

Wear whatever is comfortable. If you plan to show a lot of skin be sure to wear loose clothes that do not leave impressions in the skin.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

No. Models do their own hair and makeup or bring someone to help.

How should I prepare?

Be well rested and well hydrated. Don’t drink alcohol prior to the shoot.

Where will I get ready?

You will have complete privacy while changing and working on hair and makeup.

Do I have to be naked?

No. How much you show depends entirely on you. This will be discussed prior to the shoot to make sure there is no confusion. A lot of models like the implied nude look where they may be naked but nothing is showing in the picture. Some want to stay fully clothed. If you’re asked to show more than you want to or you’re asked to get into a pose that is uncomfortable, just say no and move on.

How will I be directed?

Verbally. You will be told or shown what to do. If something needs to be adjusted that you cannot do yourself we will move on. There will be no inappropriate touching. Personal space is important.

How do I know sneaky pictures aren't going to appear on the internet?

It certainly does not benefit my portfolio or reputation to publish sneaky pictures. Body parts will slip out from time to time. We will stop shooting until the problem is resolved and decency is restored.

Can I bring a friend?

It depends. I do not allow male escorts. That includes husbands and boyfriends. I allow female escorts but on shoots where there are other assistants such as hair or makeup artists I do not allow any additional escorts.

Can I (or my friend) take pictures during the shoot?


Can I (or my friend) make a video of the shoot?

No. There may be no recordings of any kind made during the shoot.

Can I bring my children?


Can I bring my pet?


Can you Photoshop that?

It is far easier and less time consuming to get the picture right rather than touch it up later. Image corrections such as exposure, color, crop, blemishes, smoothing, minor corrections are normal.

Are there any legal requirements?

Yes. You must be 18 or older and be able to prove it with a valid ID. In addition you must sign a standard model release prior to the shoot.

How many pictures do I get?

That depends on the package you have purchased.

Do I get to see all the pictures from the shoot?

No. I will make a first pass and eliminate a lot of the confidence building shots, test shots, blinks, misfires and generally bad pictures. Including all the pictures dilutes the overall impression of the shoot and makes the selection process harder.

Do I get a CD or DVD with all the pictures?

No. You will get to preview the images shortly after the shoot. You will choose the ones you want retouched and they will be made available for you to download to your computer.

Will everyone be able to see my pictures?

No. They will be delivered on this web site and accessible through a private URL known only to you. They will not be accessible through the main web site and the private URL will not show up in search engines.

How long do I get to choose my pictures?

Most models choose the same day they see the online preview. Some take a few days. The online preview will be deleted after one week.

How long does a shoot last?

I set aside three hours per shoot. That is usually long enough to get through three or so set or outfit changes. Some shoots go longer and we cover more.

When do you shoot?

I shoot weekends and weekdays between 9:00AM and 4:00PM. In order to accommodate a three hour shoot I don’t start new shoots after 1:00PM.

Your prices seem expensive. Why so much?

This is a full photo shoot in a professionally equipped environment. Retouching is time intensive. I spend about an hour retouching each image. Add to that the preparation and cleanup times and what looks like a three hour shoot actually takes about 16 hours. That’s two full days of work.

Other photographers are offering shoots for much less or even free.

There are lots of photographers in the area. They vary in skill and specialization. Each of them has made a choice regarding their position in the market place. You should balance price with value and style. In order to help with your decision I have provided several large galleries of past work demonstrating my interpretation of the boudoir and portrait genres.

But you're a man. I'd rather be photographed by a woman.

This is true; and something I don’t plan on changing any time soon. The reality is this is a photo shoot, not a date, and your photographer decision, while entirely personal, should be based on the skill of the photographer along with their ability to meet technical and aesthetic expectations. Men and women do not look at pictures the same way and have a different perception of what constitutes sexy. If these pictures are for your husband or boyfriend you should consider a male photographer to be an asset.

I get it – boudoir – but will you photograph my dog?

I don’t photograph weddings, parties, families, children, high school seniors or pets. I photograph women. I have come to specialize in just that one genre. I like to think I do it quite well but you be the judge. I have put a lot of time and effort into education and refining my skills to get that one thing right.

My boyfriend knows how to use Photoshop. Can I just have the raw files?

No. I deliver retouched images with a license for non-commercial print and web use. Any other use, including further retouching, would be contrary to our agreement and a violation of copyright.

Can you remove the watermark?

A watermark is a corporate branding mark or logo that appears in a corner of the image. There is no watermark on pictures produced for a paying client. If the shoot is for trade the watermark stays.

How do I set up a shoot?

The best way to start is with a phone call. We can discuss back and forth in e-mail if you prefer but the only way to schedule an appointment is on the phone.

What if I have to cancel?

It happens. Just make sure you tell me with a phone call.  Our contract will include terms for cancellations.