Boudoir on chairs

Theme Ideas

I have tried a few of these but I am interested in improving upon them.

Many of my current ideas involve some amount of nudity.  Please don’t assume that my mentioning them means I am trying to encourage you to do them.  Think of these ideas as a starting place to develop concepts that might work for you. This is why I want to work with models who have some idea of what they want;  it gets me away from my way of thinking and will help add variety to my work.  If the end result matches what the model is looking for she will more likely be happy with the outcome.

Topless implied nude

Cosplay – Fantasy costumes and makeup.

Low key – A Model seated back to the camera. Black background. White or red sheet loosely draped over one shoulder and under the model. Change the setup to accommodate or hide tattoos.

High key – A model draped in a white sheet against a white background. With and without tattoos.

Wigs and makeup. The more outrageous the better.

A nude model lying on the floor in a strong pool of light from above. The aim is to get more artistic form and lots of shadow rather than detail. A variation would be with the model propped up on arms, head thrown back with some kind of net draped over her.

Ballerina dance poses.

A model with large tattoos down one side. Model lying on a sheet with lighting to emphasize the tattoos. A different set with very soft lighting from the non tattooed side and sheets hiding all the visible tattoos. Almost a rebel vs angel series where the only difference is the shooting angle and lighting.

Implied nude with sheer fabric
Topless nude

Sex with evil intent – Model wearing stockings and sexy underwear concealing a knife (dagger) behind her. Back (3/4 angle) to the camera. Try clean shiny knife; rusty knife; blood on knife.

Similar but with chrome handcuffs. No, I don’t have any.

“The Ether Bunny” – A cross between a doctor/nurse (scrubs, lab coat, medical props and a sexy Easter bunny. The combination would be slightly dark and sinister and the doctor would be holding a bottle of anesthetic and a large syringe.

Similar but only themed around a sexy seductive doctor/nurse.

Out of place props. An example might be a made up model in an evening dress or tutu but wearing boxing gloves in a defensive pose. Would be nice to have a good makeup artist paint on a black eye.

“Pink” – Bright white background. Model wearing (not much) pink and blowing a big pink bubble gum bubble. Must have an almost teenager look with lots of attitude in the facial expression.

Lots of sheets and pillows. Soft. Very high key.

Casual sofa shots.

Natural light. Window shots.

Boudoir dance with sheer fabric
Topless implied nude with torn T-shirt

Something with musical instruments.

Back lit halo hair.

Goth in a wedding dress or veil.

Casual setting. Lacey underwear. Man’s white shirt.

Lots of shadow. Dark. Half lit.


Sexy nerd or librarian.

Bodyscapes – Closeups of skin. Light and shadow. Contrast of skin against lace. Interesting shapes. Add water to get glistening effect.

Model in a metal bucket. Maybe add water, bubbles.

Cliches – I know they’re over done and sometimes cheesy but I haven’t tried a lot of them. Here’s a list of cliches.


Bubbles – Dancing with a big bubble wand. (Spring or Summer).

Holiday themes – St. Valentine’s, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Halloween…

Beach – Beach ball, towels.

Psycho shower – Crouched in the shower. Makeup running. Knife/handcuffs/rope. HELP on wall.

Implied nude with back tattoo
Implied nude

Back dimple calendar – different makeup or props to indicate New Year, Valentine’s day, March Madness, Easter, Memorial Day?, Summer, Independence Day, August, Labor Day?, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Sitting on a travel bag with clothes bursting out.

Backlit sheer fabrics. Sheer clothes.

Model in evening dress with open birdcage. Small white feathers around her mouth. Startled “caught” look. Try with dirty, snarly cavewoman style.

Dominatrix reprimanding a teddy bear.

X-ray picture. Model in clothes holding a picture against her of what’s underneath. Like x-ray vision.

Billowy flowing fablics. Can be a dress, scarf or just a piece of fabric.

Long legs. Legs, stockings, shoes.

String puppet. Dress up and pose as a string puppet. Needs wardrobe and makeup.

China doll. dress up and pose as a china doll. Needs wardrobe and makeup.

Boudoir lying down