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People say it is better to be photographed and taught by someone with a genuine English accent like James Bond. I think those people are right.

Vintage camera

My first camera looked a lot like this one. I started to play with it when I was five. That was more than 50 years ago though I do recall the impatience and anticipation of having to wait to see the prints. I have had seven other cameras since then and have learned the crafts of posing models, studio lighting and digital manipulation.

After many years in the corporate business world I am now a Prescott, AZ based photographer. I make women feel special, empowered and confident with photographs in boudoir and portrait styles. While I have, on occasion, been tempted to photograph other things, I always gravitate back to the subject that has intoxicated many an artist, the female form.

Implied nude lying down
Group training

In addition to capturing the moment I teach classes and facilitate workshops.

Kevin Shore
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