Valentine themed boudoir lying down

Monthly Trades

June - ABC - Anything But Clothes Boudoir

Each month I offer two themed studio photo shoots for trade.

If you’re a female, 18 or older, looking for a boudoir photographer to take some studio pictures for that special someone, this trade offer might be for you. 

The trade is you get six full resolution retouched images suitable for non-commercial use in print or on the web at no charge and I would be able to use the pictures in the boudoir gallery on my web site and other forms of self promotion.  It allows me to keep my galleries fresh and helps me find new talent for future projects.

For the month of June the theme is –  Anything But Clothes Boudoir. This theme sparks a lot of creativity.

The ABC theme means implied nudes where the concealing is done with careful posing, lighting, fabrics and props. What constitutes a prop for this is open to discussion prior to the shoot but it cannot be clothing and it must be adaptable to an overall boudoir style. This is not a nude shoot. The level of concealment is entirely up to you.

This offer is valid for shoots that take place on weekdays between 9:00 AM and 4:00PM. Please visit the FAQ to see how my shoots work.

If you have a fun idea for a shoot, let me know.  I might use it for a future monthly theme.  If it’s great I might call you in straight away.  It must fit with the genres on my web site and have a boudoir style.

If you’re interested in setting up a shoot please send me an e-mail.