Bull Creek048

Bull Creek

This is a trade shoot.  As always, I set this up to be fun and low pressure.  It is not intended to be a tutorial.  There will be people at all experience levels so please be patient, cooperative and considerate. 


– Insert yourself into a shoot in progress. If someone is directing let them finish.
– Jump in front of others to get your Pulitzer prize winning shot.  You might get a slightly different prize.


– Remember others might want to direct.


Don’t spend all your time working with the same person.  Change things up.  Explore the environment.  Try new things.


This is a trade shoot so the models are not being paid but they do expect to get retouched, full resolution pictures for use in their portfolios.  This shouldn’t be news to anyone.  There is no unified way to post proofs and finished pictures on Meetup or FB so each photographer must tell the models where to find their proofs, how to make selections and where to pick up the retouched finished pictures. Don’t bombard the models with every picture from the shoot, be selective but do post variety. Claiming your pictures aren’t good enough is not a reason to avoid posting. Quality pictures are part of the recipe for a happy model/photographer relationship.
In addition, photographers should post a few of their prize winners to the Meetup or FB group to show what a great time they had and how stunning the models were.


Girls in water.  Swimsuits.  Hats.  Props.  Bring whatever you think will make for an interesting picture.


I will not give out the models’ contact information. Since the model’s contact information is on my model release I will not be giving out copies of that either.  My model releases are transferable and I can provide an assignment for those that need it… which is most likely nobody.  If a photographer needs contact information for delivery of proofs or finished pictures, make that arrangement with the models separately.


Do not touch the models.  Give verbal direction or show what you want by demonstrating (good luck with that).   Shouting ‘Look here… Look here’ is not the same as directing. Be respectful toward the models and don’t take sneaky or otherwise unflattering shots.  It is the photographer’s job to check the scene for wardrobe problems before pressing the shutter.  An observer, model or photographer, also has an obligation to stop the shoot if something looks wrong.  In the unfortunate event that something goes unnoticed and ends up on your card, bury it, burn it, delete it, do what you have to do but don’t advertise or publish it.  Water renders some fabrics transparent.  Make sure the model knows what is visible on camera before proceeding.


There are many potentially dangerous areas.
Photographers – Don’t ask models to put themselves in harm’s way.
Models – If it feels dangerous or wrong don’t do it.
No children or animals.  These shoots are chaotic enough.


It will be hot.  Bring water, sunscreen, water shoes, a towel…  Don’t expect the models to stand in the hot sun the whole time.  Give them chance to cool down, get a drink and stay healthy.  Photographers should probably wear swimming trunks.